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2 years ago
the chick is hot, dude looks like an auschwitz survivor where the nazi doctors somehow figured out how to starve his body while feeding his dick
Marks 3 years ago
Renata Fox I think
Asstomouth 2 years ago
Dude looks like fucking dracula
Mmm 2 years ago
I need a dirty Ol man to split me apart and stuff me full just like that!!
Coronel 3 years ago
Whats her name?
Missy 2 years ago
She took that big cock,WAY better than I thought she would. I was expecting her to cry like a little bitch cuz she couldn't take it. Now I'm turned on and soaking wet, waiting for my husband to get home and fuck the shit out if me.
2 years ago
Yum. I'd love to suck that big cock and lick his cum out of that sweet little pussy.
2 years ago
Since she enjoyed his massive cock that is 3 times the size of average guy Im going to pass on trying to fuck her lol. Guys cock is size of girls arm.
2 years ago
Love to see his big cock up my wifes cunt
2 years ago
dude is one of those failed soviet experiments, they found him in an abandoned laboratory