Glass Works

Float Glass, Bended Glass

GK Associates provide float glass for stairs, tables, windows, and a variety of applications in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. We use good quality visibility, light transmission, and colored float glass. We select the best glass for your project. The float glass look trend is a great way to spice up office space as well. Float glass is made by pouring molten glass over a bed of tin. The glass floats on top of the tin and cools with no distortions. GK Associates are passionate about glass work and we exploring its creative potential to produce stunning glass installations.

Tinted Glass, Reflective Glass

Glass is used in many ways in interior design. Glass brings together a range of benefits that enhance the residential space. It provides light, transparency, summer comfort, aesthetics, and UV protection, all of which translate into homes that score on form as well as function. We use glass in homes for interior and commercial purposes. GK Associates provide good quality tinted glass for decoration, and we use all types of tinted and relative glass.

Laminated Glass, Tempered Glass

GK Engineers find the latest tender for laminated glass. Laminated glass, regarded as “Safety glass”, consists of two or more panes of glass with one or more layers of PVB sandwiched between them and treated. Laminated glasses help in reducing the risk of injury from falling glass. Our team considers our client's protection. So, we use high-quality laminated glasses for our clients' projects.

Extra Clean Glass, Stained Glass, Glass Blocks

Standard Clear glass has an inherent greenish color. This is visible in particular when viewing the edge of the glass. We select quality glass from trusted traders, wholesalers, and suppliers. We offer Superior quality, Exquisite design, and Flawless transparency glasses to our clients. These glasses products are stylish, trendy, and very sleek in the finish.